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Furnace Maintenance
Your furnace needs to be maintained to be as efficient as possible. If you have a forced air heating system you should change your furnace filter regularly, once every year or two, depending on the filter and type.

Repairing or Replacing a Furnace
Many times a non working furnace can be fixed with replacement parts. In some cases the better option is to replace the furnace. Usually this would happen if the furnace is old or has a major problem. We fix broken furnaces and install new ones. We can install a new furnace in your new or existing home. We also build and install the heating ducts that are necessary to bring the warm air throughout your home.

Safety is an important concern with heating systems. With natural gas or oil furnaces venting to remove carbon monoxide is extremely important. Everyone who has a gas or oil furnace should have working carbon monoxide detectors in their home. If you think your heating system may be unsafe don’t hesitate to call us. We can examine your furnace and make sure it’s safe!

We offer Carrier brand furnaces which are known to be among the top furnaces available in terms of quality and reliability. \

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